Hotel 2/5 Reunion – Branson

Branson, MO located within the Ozark Mountains

You are cordially invited to join us for our annual hotel 2/5 reunion being held in Branson, Missouri this October 19th to 22nd. It promises to be an entertaining, exuberant, and colorful time for all!  Branson is a world-class destination with its amazing entertainment and vibrant outdoor scenes, tucked away in the Ozark mountains. Branson is beautiful in the Fall.

Our hosts, Bernie and Kris Stafford have done a lot of planning and preparation to insure all of us that we are going to have a great time together for this reunion. Bernie says “I guarantee that this reunion will be the best ever!” I believe him.

Our hosts have provided an interesting theme for this reunion. Get registered, get your hotel reservation now, and work on your smile . . . (hum. . .What?)

This year’s reunion theme is “Smiling and Laughter Together!”  Being in the city of Branson, Mo for a short time will allow us to practice our theme.  Did you know that the most compelling reason to smile is that it may lengthen your overall lifespan according to health researchers? 

Did you know that laughter reduces our stress levels, lowers our blood pressure, helps us fall asleep faster, and helps us to communicate affection for the people we care about?  So please come with your smile and laugh together with us.  Want your immune system to be strengthened?  Then come, smile, and laugh together with us at our 2023 reunion in October.  We are going to have a lot of fun enjoying all the entertainment Branson will provide us and the fun of seeing each other in Branson together.

If you missed out on our last reunion, we’ve missed you! Don’t wait, get signed up today and start counting down the days until we see each other in Branson! For those who have never come, you are really missing a great group of brothers and missing out on great events. Give Bernie a call and he will convince you to attend this reunion.

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