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  • larrytyler
    Posted March 21, 2023 3:29 pm

    I, LCpl Larry Tyler served in Hotel Company 2/5 from Jan 19, 1969, to June 30, 1969, as an 0311. After two weeks in country, I volunteered to carry the squad/platoon radio. I walked point for about 10 weeks. After a heat stroke out in the Arizona Territory during a firefight, I was medivaced to the NSA Hospital in DaNang on May 9th, 1969. After recovery and four weeks of light duty in An Hoa, I was transferred to 2/5 H&S located at Phu Loc 6 and became the battalion commander’s radio operator, bodyguard, and jeep driver. Spent 3 months on Hill 65. I left Vietnam on Jan 9, 1969, and landed in San Francisco four days later after being in Okinawa for two days.

    I maintain this website. I decided to create this website rather than write a book no one would read. Would be glad to hear from anyone who served in 2/5 during the Vietnam War. My email is:

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