Hotel 2/5 USMC Guidon Flag

The Guidon is a type of military flag that represents the organization and serves as a rallying point for troops on the battlefield.

When the Hotel 2/5 reunions began in 2008, we did not yet have a USMC Guidon Flag to display and carry at our reunions.  It was probably Jay Peterson’s idea to have a flag made and displayed and carried at our reunions.  We have had two different guidon flags at our reunions. The first one appeared at the 2012 reunion.  It was used at each reunion through the 2015 Nashville Reunion.  Unfortunately, our first guidon flag was left at the hotel after the reunion that year and discarded by the hotel.

A second guidon flag was made by Rita Tyler and presented at the 2016 Pensacola reunion.  She researched the USMC guidon flag requirements and regulations, bought the materials, and cut and sewed it to exact USMC specifications.

Displayed here at Dennis Noah’s home,  getting it ready for packing to take to our next reunion.