Logistics is a part of supply chain management.

In every war, including the Vietnam War, we combat troops could not have survived without the Marine Corps Logistics Command working behind the scenes and providing all the necessary materials, supplies, and support we needed.

In military logistics, it is concerned with maintaining mission-critical supply lines with food, armaments, ammunition, and spare parts apart from the transportation of troops themselves. Meanwhile, civil logistics deals with the acquisition, movement, and storage of raw materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods.

Military logistics is the discipline of planning and carrying out the movement, supply, and maintenance of military forces. In its most comprehensive sense, it is those aspects of military operations that deal with:

    • Design, development, acquisition, storage, distribution, maintenance, evacuation, and disposition of materiel.
    • Transport of personnel by ground, or by air.
    • Acquisition or construction, maintenance, operation, and disposition of facilities.
    • Acquisition or furnishing of services such as:
      •  Weapons
      • Ammunitions
      • Clothing
      • Food
      • mail services.
      • Medical and health service support.
      • Communications
      • Entertainment – USO shows.
      • Banking
      • Prison & Jail
      • Commissaries