2014 San Diego, California

Sailing-San-Diego-Bay-520x262It was a wonderful experience to return to MCRD and Camp Pendleton to reminisce those days when we were just young kids. The weather was perfect and the days were packed with excitement and fun. Check out the “Order of March” to see the events and activities we enjoyed!

Watching the recruits marching in front of us reminded all of us when we were first standing on the yellow foot prints and then weeks later marching on the Parade Deck on Boot Camp Graduation Day.

Our Visit at Camp Pendleton

During our visit to Camp Pendleton, we laid a wreath at the 5th Marine Regiment Operation Enduring Freedom Memorial at the 5th Marines Memorial Garden. We also visited the Infantry Immersion Trainer (IIT) to see how Marines within the battalion today are trained in live-action. The IIT allows a squad of Marines to execute a safety patrol while under constant surveillance. Immediately following the patrol, the squad is brought into the reviewing room to talk through the decisions they made and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Our current Marine troups are extremely well trained and prepared for their duties on patrols and when faced with combat. Click here to read more on “dvids website” 

After Action Report

The reunion in San Diego has concluded and, by now, almost everyone has
returned home–although a few are on extended tours. It was reported that a
good time was had by all. The Crowne Plaza Hotel treated us to a good
location, a good breakfast, and a good banquet dinner.
Click here to read the After Action Report…

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