After Action Report – Branson 2023

The 2023 H2/5 Reunion was held October 19-22, 2023 at the Thousand Hills Resort Hotel in Branson Missouri.  There were 20 veterans, their spouses, and guests in attendance.

The reunion was Hosted by Bernie and Kris Stafford. We were blessed with spectacular fall weather.

Registration was Thursday afternoon.  The welcome table was set up and manned by Kris Stafford and Linda Koerber.  Many thanks for a job well done.  Larry Tyler had prepared a welcome video and a video featuring the many plusses of visiting Seattle. We had an excellent selection of appetizers and drinks to accompany the many telling of war stories, remembering lost brothers, and just getting reacquainted and bringing each other up to date on our lives.  The revelry continued until the room was closed by the attendant.

Friday morning, we held the memorial service for our KIA brothers.  Larry Tyler prepared and played a tear jerking video and patriotic music was played as the names of our honored dead scrolled across the screen.

The company meeting was held, and it was unanimously decided to hold the 2024 meeting in Seattle.  A tentative date was set for mid-September. Hotel costs are expensive in Seattle, so please begin saving for our Seattle Reunion in 2024.

We boarded the Branson Belle for a Lunch Cruise at 1130.  Three unnamed Marines missed a movement, a great lunch and show on the boat.  Much better than a cruise on an LST.  Katie and Stephanie Casey were called on stage and provided many laughs as the emcee/magician picked on them.

Most attendees spent the afternoon attending many of the Branson shows. Dinner was on our own and many of us returned to the hospitality room for continued conversations and telling tall tales. Larry Tyler presented a tutorial on all the features of the new company website and how to set up a shortcut to enter the site.

Saturday, we enjoyed free time to explore Branson. Several of us took a train trip and enjoyed the fall colors. We started a reunion tradition by having a professional take group pictures prior to our delicious dinner.  Bernie welcomed everyone after the meal. Joe Sonderman was the master of ceremonies. We toasted our deceased brothers and the Corps and gave well-earned thankyous to those who did a fantastic job organizing the reunion.  Joe served as auctioneer. We had a remarkable collection of items, many of them made by our attendees.  Our gang was very generous, and we were able to raise $2400 to help provide seed money for next year.  We spent the rest of the evening saying our goodbyes and promising to get together in Seattle.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Sonderman


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