Vietnam Veterans Awarded Republic of Vietnam Service Medal at Dayton 2022 Reunion

News Flash:  Hotel 2/5 Vietnam Veterans receive Republic of Vietnam Medal & Certificate at 2022 Dayton Reunion

Officers of Hotel 2/5 Reunion, present at the reunion, Capt. Ron Drez, Lt Col Tom Keene, Lt Col Gerald Inman, and Lt Col Bernie Stafford presented a beautiful Recognition of Service Certificate and a Republic of Vietnam Service Medal pin to all those present at the reunion who performed military service during the Vietnam War. 

The certificate was presented to our veterans for “Service in support of military combat operations against communist aggression in the Republic of Vietnam while serving with Hotel Company, Second Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment, First Marine Division.” 

The Vietnam War Service Medal is authorized by Executive Order 11231 on July 8. 1965 by President and Commander in Chief, Lyndon Baines Johnson. 

Recipient Authenticity was verified with the Hotel 2/5 Company Roster for the months served in country with Hotel 2/5. 

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