2/5 Battalion 5th Marines – Vietnam

Our 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Division operational Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR) in 1967 – 1971 was at the An Hoa Fire Base, Liberty Bridge, Phu Loc 6, protecting Liberty Road,  protection for rice farmers, small villages, schools, and local governmental officials, and Hill 65 all located in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.  We provided search and destroy missions in The Arizona Territory, Football Island,  Dodge City, Go Noi Island,  Liberty Road out to Phu Loc 6 (Liberty Bridge), and outlining areas in the Que San Mountains and rice patties along the Song Vu Gia and Song Thu Bon rivers.

Each of our four combat companies, Echo, Fox, Golf, and Hotel Companies, as well as battalion H&S Company, and mortars, took turns guarding these places against the enemy.  We as “brothers” worked together out in the Arizona Territory, Dodge City, Go Noi Island,  Quế Sơn Valley,  Quế Sơn Mountains, also known as Charlie Ridge, and other locations just fifteen to eighteen miles southwest of Da Nang to provide counteroffensive operations to protect the area of Da Nang.  Without the teamwork of each Marine in each of our companies, we could not have been successful in destroying the NVA enemy.

In the early years of the war in 1966-1968, we fought battles near the DMZ and were on difficult Operations in the Northern sector of Vietnam, in Thua Thien and Quang Tri Provinces.  We fought in battles for the cities of Hue, Quang Tri, and Khe Sanh.  We were in horrific operations like Operation Tuscaloosa and Operations Prairie I – IV.

The 3rd Marine and 9th Marine Divisions created and maintained the An Hoa Combat Base in 1965 and 1966 until turned over to the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Division to maintain until it was turned over to the ARVN 1st Battalion, 51st Regiment on 15 October 1970.  Sadly, the An Hoa Airfield and Base were captured and maintained by the North Vietnamese Army in April 1975.  Fifty years later, this area is mostly farmland and very small villages, and several roads are maintained here.  No airport of any kind.

All Hotel Company Marines love and appreciate all of our combat brothers who served in Echo, Golf, and Fox companies, including everyone in H&S providing us with all the tactical, operational, and re-supplies support we needed.  We fought side by side in most battles.  We also love and appreciate all those who provided us with helicopter transportation, air sorties, and artillery support.

Semper Fi!

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